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“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

New post time. So once again there isn’t too much to tell. Life is pretty routine here. I definitely am feeling like I need a bit of a vacation – go away somewhere for the weekend would be nice. Surprisingly this isn’t as easy as it was in Burundi. If I needed to get away then I just had to take the bus to the city. Here I’d need to take a plane somewhere, but the plane schedule doesn’t fit a weekend away very well!

So Monday to Wednesday were fairly normal days. I tried not to talk about Halloween too much so that we could actually get some work done. We did some art activities throughout the week to make decorations for the classroom.

Thursday most kids came to school in costumes. They all looked really good. We actually got a bunch of work done in the morning! I was very surprised that they actually focused. The afternoon was our Halloween party. I dressed up as the Paper Bag Princess!

I had a couple Halloween Magic School Bus shows for them to watch, colouring pages, and Just Dance videos. My students love to colour. And they also love to do the Just Dance videos. So everyone seemed to be happy and they weren’t very crazy either! It was a great day.

After school I handed out candy. Most kids start pretty early because at night there is danger of animals. Now that it’s winter there are wolves around here. They started coming around 4:00. I had about 60 trick or treaters. The whole time I felt like such a teacher because I kept making mental notes of how many people said thank you!

After dinner I got into a new costume. Just some face paint and a wig to make me look like a clown.

Then I headed off to the Community Hall for the Halloween costume and dance contests. Everyone was so dressed up in some really creative costumes! Monika, Adrian, and I were the judges for all the contests. It felt like there were a hundred different categories and it was hard to decide. We also judged the dance off. The elders had some great moves. Overall it was a really fun night and I’m glad that I got to go!


Friday was a little crazy. The morning wasn’t too bad with 5 kids away, but the afternoon was a write off. Of the 5 absent in the morning, 4 showed up in the afternoon. No one was focused whatsoever! I was definitely glad when Friday came to an end. The day after Halloween is much crazier then the day of Halloween. I think Halloween should always be a Friday!

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing! It was great to just sit at home watching movies. I only my house to go get food because I started to run out. Today has also been a lazy day. I did some laundry and went to the school in the late afternoon. I didn’t get much done though because it got dark to early and I needed to walk home before the wolves came out!

Well I think that’s about it for this week. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

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It’s better to look back on life and say: “I can’t believe I did that.” Than to look back and say: “I wish I did that.”

It’s new post time! I want to start by letting you know that there is a new photo album called Halloween BINGO. Check out some pictures of the night!

So once again there isn’t too much to report from this past week. Things are pretty routine here – teach all day and watch TV all night!

Friday night myself, Monika, and Adrian went to Halloween BINGO. The three of us dressed up as Rock, Paper, Scissors. I think our costumes looked pretty good! Most of the younger kids had no idea what we were, but the adults got it.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. I just hung out around the house. The same with Sunday. I only left the house to buy some food!

It snowed a lot this weekend. And the snow is staying on the ground. There’s maybe about an inch on the ground. And it’s cold! Well it’s only like -10 and it’s going to get colder, but after over a year with no snow it’s cold!

In the winter wolves come in on the winter road and hang around the community. The winter road isn’t ready yet, but apparently some wolves have made their way here. They haven’t been seen yet, but some tracks have been seen. The students go home at lunch so today we had to have extra bus runs to take everyone home – no one was allowed to walk home. I’m going to need to make sure I don’t stay at the school too late so that I don’t walk home when it’s getting dark!

Like I said not much has happened so this is a short post. Be sure to check out the photo album section!

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No one else can represent your conscience. -Anishinabe saying

I know I'm a day late writing this, but Sunday kind of snuck up on me and I completely forgot to write this yesterday! I didn't keep track of my week so hopefully I can remember everything - there isn't really much to remember!

Monday was a very unproductive day. I sat around for most of the day doing nothing. I was going to go to the school to do some work, but Monika came over and asked if I wanted to make dream catchers. So we went to the school and collected a bunch of the needed materials. It was difficult to do. We tried to watch some videos but they were hard to follow so I just kind of winged mine. It turned out alright, but I'll probably end up making another again at some time.


Tuesday was an okay day. The students were a little off after having a long weekend but it was fine. Wednesday was Parent's Night. I was really nervous for this. I set up my classroom and we had snacks out. We had a surprisingly good turn out. I had 7 parents come out of 15 students. Grade 3/4 had a similar turn out. Grade 5/6 had I think all but one out of 11 students. And grade 7/8 had a few parents. I was happy to be able to talk to a few parents and meet some that I hadn't met yet. It was a lot less scary once the parents got there and I started talking to them.

Thursday was also a pretty normal day. For the most part the kids were really good! Friday was a good day also. They did a pretty good job all week so they got to have some free time in the afternoon - even that went really well!

Friday evening I had dinner with Monika and Adrian, then we went and played BINGO. It was a lot of fun! I never knew that there were so many different ways to play the game. Some of the people at our table had to teach us some of the rules. They joked around that they had to teach the teachers. I also felt like a bit of a celebrity. When we walked in all the kids were like "Hi Miss Jordan!", "Hi teacher!"

This weekend I litterally did nothing! I sat on my couch and watched TV all day Saturday and Sunday. I did go to Susan's for dinner on Sunday though. I also finished my dream catcher earrings!

Well, that's about all for now! Oh I almost forgot. It snowed this weekend. It didn't stay on the ground but it still snowed! It's been really cold today to. I think winter has arrived. It's very strange to see snow after over a year of no snow. I'm very excited about it! There is a video in the video section of the snow on Sunday.



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