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“Nothing is really work, unless you would rather be doing something else.” – J.M. Barrie

Time for another update! There isn’t too much to tell from the week, but the weekend was pretty good. Saturday the 17th I had fresh moose for dinner. Some of the guys went out hunting earlier that day so they cut up some meat and we cooked it up! Sunday was a pretty uneventful day – like most weekends are.

Monday was a holiday so myself, Monika, Rachel (native language teacher), and Gladys (Kindergarten TA) went for a long walk to and from the rapids. In total we did about 140 minutes of walking. I was pretty beat by the end! But it was a really nice day for a walk.

Tuesday was a normal day back to school. We got a bunch of our units finished up and things were relatively normal for my class. The whole week was a little different for other classes because the older kids went fishing. There aren’t lifejackets for the younger ones so we couldn’t go. But the school was pretty quiet because all week it was mostly just the Kindergartens and my class.

After school on Friday, Monika and I decided to go fishing. We only had ice fishing rods so Brandonoffered to take us fishing in the boat with real rods. Our fishing trip however, got a little side tracked.

On our way to the fishing spot Brandonspotted a moose in the bush just off the shore, so he whipped the boat around without any warning. Monika almost flew out the back so I had to grab on to her while trying to see where the moose was. Brandondidn’t say anything, but we all knew he had seen a moose. He managed to shoot it before it took off. We pulled up to shore and piled out to go searching for it. It had been a good shot because it was already down pretty close to where it was hit.

The guys started to cut it up and us girls carried pieces back to the boat. Surprisingly it wasn’t as gross as I was expecting. Monika and I had to drag one of the legs together, but it was still so heavy and we struggled. The next leg we put a stick through it to help as. We had the stick up on our shoulders and felt very barbaric! I also had to carry the kidneys and the heart out to the boat. They were still warm and slimy so that was pretty gross! I’ll post pictures in the album Moose for those who are interesting in seeing. If you have a weak stomach or are an animal lover don’t look at them!

Saturday afternoon it was really hot so Monika and I decided to go fishing. There is a dock near our house so we got some fishing rods and minnows and headed down there. The owner of the dock let us sit in there boat and fish that way. They also came down and fished with us. We left the boat tied to the dock because we wanted help taking the fish off the hook.

We had a pretty successful day. We lost a lot of fish and for a while it just felt like we were feeding the fish. After a while we started catching some. In total I successfully got 4 fish – although I had a bunch more but lost them trying to get them in the boat.

The mosquitoes started to come out in the evening. They were huge and there were a ton of them. We toughed it out for a bit with bug spray, but then decided to call it a night. We knew a lady who could cut them up for us so as she was cutting them we were also frying some up. Monika tried to cut one up but it was still moving so she was a little freaked out.  I’m normally not much of a fish eater, but it was so fresh a really good! It didn’t even taste that fishy.

Well that’s about all for now. Don’t forget to check out the photo album Moose if you’re interested in the hunt. And there is also one called Fishing and Rapids so you can see pictures of the Saturday and from our walk. 

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  • What did the moose taste like??

    That's a long walk!! I'm sure it was nice to enjoy the great weather though after being stuck inside for so long!

    Ewwwww your moose carrying story sound super gross!! I totally understand that's what people do but I could never do that!! Good job for helping carry the slimy parts then still wanting to eat it!

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  • "or are an animal lover" .... Except for a small group of freaks in the world EVERYONE is an animal lover. Some are just driven by emotions alone while others use more moderate common sense and see the value of moderation. :)

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