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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 5th was a pretty uneventful day. We didn’t have school because of the power problems that occurred on the weekend. Monika and I decided to hang out at Susan’s house for most of the day.

There was also no school Tuesday. It was nice sleeping in and I wasn’t doing much in the morning. Shortly before noon Monika came to my house and told me to get ready to go to Red Lake for the day. While at Susan’s house the day before we were talking about how it would be nice to get out for a day or so. Brandon needed to go to the dentist in Red Lake so Susan decided to send all of us (Brandon, Destiny, Monika, Adrian, and me) for the day to give us a bit of a break.

We flew to Red lake in the afternoon and hung around for a but while Brandon went to the dentist and Adrianchecked to see if he could get an appointment. Adrian wasn’t able to get one until the next day so we went and got a hotel room then headed to the bargin store to buy some pajamas and toothbrushes.

In the evening we went for dinner at a small restaurant that had some really good food. I got a filet mignon with sautéed mushrooms, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a glass of red wine. It was so delicious!

Wednesday we hung around Red Lake for most of the day. We did a little shopping at this nice store that sold moccasins and accessories made on reserves close to North Spirit Lake. I got some moccasins that were made in Sandy Lake which is really close to me.

After that we did some grocery shopping and seriously contemplated driving the Thunder Bay. But we decided not to because we weren’t sure when school would reopen. The plane ride back was pretty rough for the first little while because it was raining. Although we didn’t do much in Red Lake it was nice to get away for a little bit, have a good meal, and buy some groceries! 

Thursday the school was still closed so I spent most of the day working on the course I’m taking. In the evening Monika made Pakora which is a tradition dish from India. She made some especially for me that weren’t spicy.

Friday we were back at school. It seemed kind of silly to go for just one day, but surprisingly most of my students came to school. We didn’t do a whole lot over the course of the day because everyone seemed really lazy!

Saturday I had to work on the final assignment for the 2nd module of my course, but I procrastinated all day long. Monika and I went for a walk since the weather was a little nicer. We then painted our nails and played charades. Sunday I worked on my course assignment for a little bit and then didn’t do much else.

Monday was a relatively normal day at school. Most of the kids came and we got our work done. Tuesday I woke up to some snow on the ground! I was so shocked since it had been nice. Not many kids were in school that morning and with the snow it felt like a very lazy day. It snowed/rained all day so most of the snow did eventually melt away.

However, Wednesday I woke up to the ground and trees completely white! It had snowed quite a bit over the night and kept snowing for most of the day. It did eventually melt away, but I was not impressed to be seeing snow in the middle of May!

Thursday morning we had an assembly and the Chief and Council talked to the students about bullying. Other than that it was a very normal day at school. In the late afternoon it was graduation for the internet high school. It was done in our school gym so I went to watch for a bit after my class had gone home.

Today has also been a normal day at school so far. All but one student is here which is great because we have some assignments that need to be finished today. I’m looking forward to the long weekend – 5 day work weeks are killer since we rarely have them! 

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  • Your trip to Red Lake seems like a nice little mini vacation! How long of a flight was it?

    Eek, too much snow! I would not be impressed to see the snow on the ground either!

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  • The flight was like 40ish minutes - not too bad when the weather is good!

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