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“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin

So it’s time for another blog post. Once again I’m a week late, but I was sick all of last week so writing an update wasn’t on the top of my list! So let me start where I left off last time. Friday, April 11th was PINK day at the school. PINK day is when you wear pink and do activities to bring awareness to bullying. Since there wasn’t any school on the Thursday because of the power, we didn’t have many kids show up on the Friday. In the afternoon we had an assembly where we talked a bit about bullying, showed a video and then broke into groups for activities. Monika and I took the grades 1-4 to do an activity involving hands and writing nice things about each other. Adriantook the grade 5-8 to talk about cyber bullying.

Friday night I went out and watched the Northern Lights. It was the first time I have ever seen them so it was pretty cool. They were really bright green at one point right above my house. Unfortunately my camera isn’t expensive enough to capture of picture of them!

For the most part the weekend was pretty uneventful. Sunday night we went to Susan’s for dinner. It was her niece’s 16th birthday so Monika and I made a cake and we had a nice dinner.

I started feeling sick Sunday and ended up being sick for most of the week and into this past weekend. So the week felt extremely long even though it was only 4 days. I didn’t do much throughout the week because I was tired. Wednesday evening some kids from the school came by and asked if I wanted to go snowmobiling with them. It’s funny how young they learn how to drive a snowmobile! I had to turn them down though because I was still sick.

Thursday was a fun day at school. We are learning about coins in Math so we did a coin Easter egg hunt. I put different amounts of money in Easter eggs and hid them around the classroom. The kids have to look for eggs, add up the amount of money inside, and record it. They seemed to enjoy it and it was a great way to have a quiet classroom for 45 minutes!

Thursday evening was Parent/Teacher interviews and handing out report cards. I have 14 kids in my class yet I only gave out 8 report cards – and only talked to 6 of those parents. Not great numbers, but oh well. After that we had BINGO at the school to raise money for the grade 7/8 class trip. We had a pretty good turn out which was nice to see!

Friday was a pretty lazy day. The internet wasn’t working so that made things a little more boring. I was still a little sick so I spent most of the day just lying around.

Saturday Susan had Easter dinner at her house. We had turkey, veggies, stuffing, mashed potatoes. It was nice to have a typical Easter dinner since I was away from home. After dinner we all played radio BINGO. I ended up winning one of the games - $100!

Sunday morning I dragged Monika to the church with me. There wasn’t a formal service, but it was nice. It was mostly elders running their own prayers and songs. After that I just worked on the course I’m taking and Skyped with my parents.

Today is another lazy day. I’m lying around and working on my course. I only have two more months left until the summer. I’m surprised by how fast the year is going, but I am looking forward to coming home for a couple months. Well that’s all for now! 

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  • Mmmm your cake looks yummy! Your Easter egg hunt sounds fun too! Great idea!

    Sad that few parents seem to care about education, especially when you work so hard at making the activities fun for the students.

    You seem to play a lot of BINGO up there, we should play when you're home this summer!

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  • Lol yes I do play a lot of BINGO, but there isn't anything else to do!!

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