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“The way to get started is to quit talking a begin doing.” – Walt Disney

I wish these blog updates were more interesting like they were in Burundi! Last week was fairly uneventful and pretty routine. Having planning time back has been very nice! Getting to do some work during the day means I don’t need to stay too late after school; which is helpful since it gets dark so early.

There has been a lot of snow, but the snow has been on the ground for quite a few weeks now so it isn’t anything new. I find walking in snow rather difficult. I guess that’s what happens what you don’t have to for over a year! It’s also been pretty cold lately – minus 20s.

School has been going well. I’ve been noticing some progress in the students in terms of writing. Kids are getting a little more confident and they are starting to sound out words much better! Now we just need to make some progress with reading.

I’ve been learning some Oji-Cree along with the students. Since I usually stay in the classroom to do work while the students have Native Language I try to listen in on what they are learning. Right now they are learning body parts and animals. I don’t know how to properly spell them so I’ve just been writing them down phonetically.

This past weekend was pretty uneventful. I’m still sick so I’ve just been resting as much as possible. The power was out for quite a bit during the day on Saturday and Sunday. So I spent all of Saturday watching movies and Sunday just cleaning around the house. In the afternoon on Sunday I went to the school to work on lesson planning and to start progress reports. I know provincial schools sent out progress reports a few weeks ago, but ours aren’t due until Wednesday. It’s the first time that I’ve had to write progress reports so it took a while to get going. Usually teachers would use the same general comments for each students, however our community is so small that we need to write individualized comments for each student. It takes a long time, but in the end I think it’s good because you get to tell the parents the important information for their child.


Today was a good day at school. I still had energy left when it was over; which is great considering I’m still sick. I also got almost all of my progress reports done!

Well that’s my update for this week. I will leave you with a picture of the lovely art work my class did on Wednesday! 

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  • I like the art work that your class did :)

    Matt has to do individualized reports for each student as well and it takes foreverrrrr but I think it's more valuable for the parents and gives them a clearer idea of where their children are at. Some of the comments used on report cards here are so cryptic, since everything has to have a positive spin that its hard to provide beneficial feedback. I've never written either style of reports, but I'm sure they are both very time consuming!!

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