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“Hey is for horses and excuse me is for humans, right Miss Jordan?”

Post time again! Let me start with the title of this post. I've been working a lot with the students on saying "excuse me" instead  of"hey" or poking people to get their attention. So when I said "hey is for horses" to one of the students who said "hey" another student responded with "hey is for horses and excuse me is for humans". I had to try so hard not to laugh at this! It was pretty cute!

This week at school has been pretty good. The kids were getting a little off track with their behaviour the week before, but this past week was much better! We started doing Patterning and I’m so pleased with how it’s been going! We have been using a variety of manipulatives to make different patterns. They really enjoy it and they also aren't ‘playing’ with the stuff as much as I thought they would. Here are some pictures of the patterns they were making on the second day

 I started getting a bit sick on Tuesday so the week was a little rough in terms of how I was feeling. So I was really happy with how well they acted. I’m started to feel better now, but I still have a cough.

On Tuesday I came home at lunch to find a mouse sitting in my front foyer area. He didn’t even run away when I came in. I even stepped over him to go get a bowl to put over him without him running away. I put the bowl on him and my neighbour helped me throw it outside. The minute it was thrown out the dogs that were out there eat it up. I guess that’s a bonus to the dogs always hanging around our houses.

I actually don’t mind the dogs that much; they are pretty friendly. There is a really adorable puppy that hangs around at times that I want to keep so badly! She has beautiful blue eyes, but I’m afraid that if I take her in I might be a bit allergic to her.

There was a bit of an incident that happened on Friday night. Some students threw rocks at our windows and then wrote on our deck and put hand prints on our windows with paint. Definitely not impressed by this, but there isn’t much to be done about it. Luckily I don’t own the house so I don’t need to worry about cleaning it up. We know who did it so we’ll see what happens.

The weekend was once again uneventful. However, we found out on Friday that Monday was going to be a holiday. I pretty much just spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing and watching TV.

Today we haven’t had any water for most of the day. It went out at noonand will be out for about 5 hours. Then we heard that the power will be going out tonight also for a bit. The power isn’t supposed to be off for long, but anything can happen!

I’m glad that we had a holiday today. I was getting pretty tired so an extra day of rest was definitely needed. We no longer have planning time during the day so it’s exhausting. The Native Language teacher had to quite which means we teach all day. All the other teachers have worked out a schedule for giving them planning time, but I’m not included in that. I need to figure something out because I need that little break during the day!

Well, that’s about it for an update right now.  

  • I love the dog's eyes as well. I can't believe how blue they are.
    I don't think I would have been able to keep a laugh in if that child had said the "Hey..." thing around me.
    I hope you got lots of sleep today and are feeling better. You were one of the few schools closed today.

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  • That puppy has the cutest eyes ever!!

    Wow, I hope there are repercussions for those kids who vandalized your house!

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  • We found out who did it so they are actually out there right now spending the lunch hour cleaning it up!

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  • I hope that the ones cleaning up the mess will have learned a very valuable lesson. All the other students should also learn a lesson from this.

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